I am a Personal High Performance Coach and Strategist who loves to work with individuals from every walk of life. The only common factor is that the people I work with all have the drive and passion to not accept the norm and are committed to improving themselves in their own area of development or tackling a particular personal or business challenge.

There are so many “buzz” words such as Strategy, leadership, collaboration and negotiation but we are focused on getting to the heart of the matter in a simple and effective way. Our approach is systematic and highly energised, focused on enabling individuals and teams to achieve their potential and excellence. 

Our unique approach starts with understanding the needs of the individual, situation or organisation.  From this foundation, we then develop a tailored-coaching program that delivers on your particular needs and that will provide exceptional results.

In practical terms this means by working with Inspireme you will develop powerful, targeted key skills and strategies, whether you are seeking a corporate solution/improvement, or individual seeking to improve some part of your life or work.



Leadership Devlopement, Change Management and Organisation renewal, Creating and Sustaining High Performance Teams Organisations and Cultures, Strategy Development, Collaboration and facilitation, Negotiation and conflict resolution, Coaching